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The Project | Goals and Objectives
Goals & Objectives
Goals :
  • To reduce our impact on the natural world
  • To save water
  • To reduce energy use
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • To showcase leading sustainable solutions
Project Objectives :
  • To make a difference
  • To inspire others
  • To educate
  • To demonstrate social, environmental and economic sustainability
  • To influence leaders, so the leaders follow
  • To meet our responsibilities to our children and to future generations
Design Objectives :
  • To maximise passive design to take advantage of natural energy flows to maintain thermal comfort – through both summer and winter
  • To deliver maximum levels of comfort without mechanical assistance
  • To reduce or eliminate heating and cooling bills
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation and lighting
  • To ensure that as little as possible rainwater leaves the site
  • To become as self sufficient as possible for all water requirements
  • To recycle and re-use as much water on site as possible
  • To become self sufficient for all energy needs
  • To provide clean renewable energy back to the community
Materials Objectives :
  • Choose environmentally preferred materials
  • Choose sustainable and renewable resources where possible
  • Re-use and recycle where practical
  • No rainforest or old growth forest products
  • Minimal or no use of PVC based materials
  • Minimise or eliminate materials which discharge toxins or allergens
  • Minimise waste
  • Re-use the existing building or parts thereof to reduce consumption of new materials
  • Use materials with a lifespan equivalent to the projected life of the building
  • Design for a 100+ year building lifespan
  • Create demand for new, efficient, low impact materials
  • Source local product where possible - minimise the energy used to transport materials
  • Minimise the energy used to heat and cool the building by using materials that effectively modify climate extremes
  • Minimise or eliminate emissions during use and manufacture