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Our Partners :  

Aerobin – The Aerobin is the latest step in recycling, a technologically improved home compost system – a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Argent – can help you create an Eco Bathroom with their wide range of water-saving, durable, easy-clean bathroom products.

Aneeta Window Systems – Aneeta Sashless windows have been installed into G James Glass window frames to allow the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” to maximise natural light and capture cooling, natural breezes.

Arcadia Turf – Provider of drought tolerant, low mow Empire Zoysia lawn to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Astec Paints - is an industry leader in the manufacturing of technologically advanced environmentally friendly coatings including the insulating roof paint used by the “Enviro-Cottage”.

Atlantis Water Management - Designer and manufacturer of water-management systems, dedicated to improving the environment through ecologically sustainable water management solutions.

Auspex – Providing Hot and Cold potable and non- potable water services to the “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Bamboo Down Under – the “Enviro-Cottage” choice for everything bamboo.

Bed Space Design - provider of environmentally sustainable multi-functional space saving furniture design to the "Enviro-Cottage" Project

Breezway - Altair Louvres have been installed into G James Glass window frames to allow the Spring Hill "Enviro-Cottage" to maximise natural light and capture cooling, natural breezes.

Bretts Architectural - the place to investigate the environmentally sound and technical requirements of a modern kitchen and laundry.

Clipsal Australia – is the number one manufacturer of electrical accessories in Australia and the “Enviro-Cottage” choice for all things electrical.

CTM Springwood – Provider of Australian manufactured vitrified floor tiles to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Davey Water Products – providing all rainwater and greywater pumping and drinking water filtering systems to the “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Dove Industry – Queensland agent for Vental blinds, controlling solar access to the “Enviro-Cottage” thermal mass.

East Coast Environmental Solutions – local water management experts and installers of the three “Enviro-Cottage” Atlantis Matrix Tanks.

Eco-Kinetics - Eco-Kinetics offers solar power and solar hot water solutions for domestic and commercial applications.  We are pleased to be a supplier for the “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Edsel Ford Master Builder – primary building contractor to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Electra Technologies – Provider of EcoSmart electrical services to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.  Philips certified master contractor.

Fly Free – Provider of flexible and innovative retractable insect screens to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

G.James Glass & Aluminium – Provider of Aluminium Windows and Doors, Glass Roof and Skylight, Pool Fence and Gates and Frameless Showerscreens for the “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

GranitGard - is the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” choice for long-life, non-toxic termite protection.

Greenbins - provider of waste disposal services to the “Enviro-Cottage” including sorting and recycling most re-usable material taken off site.

Greener Kitchens + Bathrooms – supplying Kitchen and Bathroom Joinery to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Higgins - provider of environmentally responsible insulation products to the "Enviro-Cottage" Project

King Furniture – suppliers of environmentally conscious, high quality sofa designs and other lounge furniture to the “Enviro-Cottage”.

Majestic Pools & Landscapes – Ozone EcoPool provider to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

McGinn Concrete – Provider of polished concrete thermal mass floors to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Miele – provider of all high star rated (energy and water) kitchen and laundry appliances.

Natural Painting People - Brisbane’s greenest painters proudly supporting the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” providing painting and decorating services using non-toxic, eco-friendly paints.

Northey Street City Farm – design and installation of the edible garden in the front of the “Enviro-Cottage”.

NovaGrey by WaterGurus Australia – The NovaGrey recycles the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” household grey water to a safe and reusable standard for garden use, external hosing, toilets and laundry.

Paint Place Sandgate – Provider of Rockcote non toxic and environmentally friendly paint to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Philips - Together we transform environments, create experiences, and shape identities.  With light, we uplift and inspire, we comfort and heal, we create safety and spectacle.  Philips - simply enhancing life with light.

Prowler Proof - provider of welded security doors and screens to the "Enviro-Cottage" for the invisible security solution using sustainable resources and manufacturing processes.

Queensland Complete Printing Services - providing printing and photographic services to the Spring Hill "Enviro-Cottage" Project

Queensland Heritage Masonry - Stone masons committed to building and preserving Queensland's history and delivering the Brisbane tuff feature wall at the front of the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Rain Harvesting Blue Mountain Mesh - the premium gutter protection solution for all roofs and supplier to the “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Redwater Australia - Helping the "Enviro-Cottage" save redwater.

Reliance Door Service – Provider of “One Way Mesh” garage door to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”, allowing a view to the street, good ventilation and natural light, reducing the need to use garage and laundry lights during daylight hours.  

ROCKCOTE is a multi-award winning company, specialising in advanced architectural coating systems that take inspiration from the past, to create innovative solutions for today.

Slade Bothers Plumbing - licensed Green Plumbers with more than 35 years of industry experience and proud to be associated with the “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Solar Lord – Provider of evacuated glass tube technology solar hot water system to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Steendyk – architectural and design services to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

The Salvage Company - is a heavy timber specialist.  Their range of eco-sustainable timbers have been installed for the Hardwood Flooring, Decking and Cladding applications on the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Universal Fans – Specialist local fan shop and provider of energy efficient ceiling fans to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Versaline – providing a flexible solar clothes dryer solution to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage” Project.

Wagners - is an internationally recognised provider of ready mixed and pre-cast concrete and associated products and services including aggregates, steel reinforcing and transport services. Wagners deliver the "Enviro-Cottage" thermal mass function.

Whittle Waxes – Provider of non-toxic, eco-friendly timber finishes and care finishes used at the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.

Wildwood Timber Floors – Provider of timber floor sanding and finishing services to the Spring Hill “Enviro-Cottage”.


Government :

Appliance Energy Rating and Labelling - Helps you choose energy efficient appliances 
Australian Greenhouse Office - broad based information source on energy saving

Energy Allstars - find and compare the most energy efficient appliances in Australia
Environmental Protection Agency - Environmental Protection Agency (Queensland Government)

Green Vehicle Guide - Provides ratings on the environmental performance of new vehicles sold in Australia, and compares their greenhouse and air pollution emissions

Smart and Sustainable Homes Program - providing Queensland communities with display homes which incorporate principles of sustainable design and performance

Your Home - An excellent factual resource for all elements of energy efficient housing in all climates – a joint initiative of the Australian Greenhouse Office and the design and construction industries.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Living:

AGDF – Australian Green Development Forum which has the purpose of encouraging the understanding, and accelerate the acceptance of sustainable practices in the Australian building industry
Alternative Technology Association - Promoting renewable energy, sustainable building and water conservation since 1980.
Business Council of Sustainable Energy
- renewable energy, sustainable living
Energex–Environmental Solutions – Energex Queensland energy provider
Green Building Council of Australia - An open, concensus-based coalition promoting sustainable development, and transition of the property industry to implement green building practices.

Green Directory - Online resource promoting environmentally sustainable products and services, main focus is sustainability and energy efficiency.

Green Pages Australia - Over 5000 Green products and services online and in print.

savewater! - great source on water conservation related information

Sustainable Living Foundation - Not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable Insight - Publisher of a monthly email newsletter focused on the development and implementation of sustainable technologies and practices relative to Australia.
Databases :  
Ecospecifier - Knowledge base of over 1000 environmentally preferable products, materials and resources, which gives access to independent information through a powerful search facility.

Green Procurement - Database of environmentally preferable products that is free for consumer use, and that manufacturers can use to declare the environmental performance of their products or services

Eco sustainable
- Australian based resource and research database
Conservation :  
Australian Conservation Foundation - a strong voice for the environment for 40 years
Events :  
Solar House Day
- Annual open day of passive solar housing examples each September
Sustainable Houses :  
Sustainable House by Michael Mobbs - A sustainable house in Sydney that produces its own water and power, and reuses its sewerage on-site

Australian sustainable houses - The Radio National Earthbeat series

Hill End EcoHouse - blog for sustainable private home build in Hill End, Brisbane.